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Automatic mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two types: manual winding and automatic winding watches. The power source of these two machines is powered by the spring in the movement, which drives the gears and then pushes the hands, but the power source is different. Manually wound mechanical watches rely on manually twisting the mainspring for power. The thickness of the movement is thinner than that of the general self-winding watch, and the weight of the watch is relatively light. The automatic winding watch uses the automatic rotating disc of the movement to swing left and right to generate power to drive the mainspring.

The characteristic of mechanical watches is that they can be used for a long time through regular maintenance and oil washing without changing the battery. VDEAR is a popular automatic watch manufacturer in China. Feel free to contact us for the best automatic watches and the most competitive prices!

Automatic Watches For Men Take Your Look To Another Level

Your style is complex and never boring. You love to sport pieces that are one-of-a-kind and leave an impression, like our automatic watches for men. These men’s watches with gears exposed brings a level of intricacy to your look like never before. Available in leather and stainless steel options, these masculine watches are perfect for your everyday and special occasion wardrobe. Discover the style of men’s mechanical watches that suits you best when you shop at Fossil today.


Men's SHollow Out Watch Designs That Are One-Of-A-Kind

So what is an automatic watch anyway? We’re glad you asked. Our automatic watches for men are specially designed timepieces that feature an automatic movement, no battery required. These self winding mens watches keep the time whenever you move your wrist, so you never have to worry about changing your watch battery again. Another feature that sets our mechanical watches for men apart are the exposed gears. Unlike other watches, these hollow out automatic watches feature dials that have cut outs that allow you to see the inner workings of your watch. Our see through watches mens collection gives you an inside look at your watch without having to take it apart. The different designs of our mechanical watches for men let you choose how much you want to see with some watches featuring a fully exposed dial while others only feature a small cutout. As always at VDEAR, you’re in control of your style.


A hollow out automatic watch is easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Pair it with corporate casual slacks and a button up shirt for a look that is always professional in the office and then change into jeans for a casual after hours style that can’t be beat. A mens gold automatic watch will always turn heads when you pair it with a suit. Wear it to a wedding or special party for an elevated look that checks all of the boxes. A mens black mechanical watch gives you sleek style that can literally go anywhere. Self winding mens watches give you the freedom to wear one of these watches everyday without having to stop and change or charge the battery. A mens automatic skeleton watch adds depth and dimension to your looks, giving you suave style without the effort. Add one to your wardrobe or begin a collection of unique automatic watches for men and own your style in brand new ways.


Mechanical Watches For Men Make Great Gifts

Mechanical watches for men make great gifts for the guys in your life. Celebrate all of his academic success and the bright future to come by gifting him with an engraved mens automatic skeleton watch as a graduation gift. If he’s celebrating a milestone birthday, you can engrave his age and the year for a truly one-of-a-kind birthday gift for him that he’ll never forget. Automatic watches for men also make great anniversary and Valentine’s Day gifts for him. No matter what occasion you’re shopping for, or even if you’re shopping for yourself, our mechanical watches for men are worth a look; you’ll love the creative, rugged and durable design of our self winding watches for men.

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