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Why Does The Watch Produce Errors In Travel
- Jun 28, 2017 -

As you know, the mechanical clocks sold on the market (including wall clocks, clock, etc., generally is in a fixed position, but due to the structure of the spring, material, the friction between the rings and fatigue, the output torque from strong to weak changes, as well as wind and gear in the transmission force from the friction, etc., will affect the precision of the clock.

There are climate, regional environment and location, and so on the normal operation of clockwork pendulum clock, now the quartz clock, overcome the weakness of mechanical clocks, the use of quartz crystal extremely stable high-frequency vibration as the benchmark of time, through the frequency divider circuit to become a times per second, after the micro-stepper motor or scan to drive gears, pointers, indicating time, even so, but because of the use of quartz crystals by the interference of temperature changes, there will also be errors, the general daily speed of 15 seconds, which is allowed.