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Tow main style mechanical watch
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Mechanical watches are usually divided into two types: manual and AUTOMATIC. Both of these machines are powered by the spring of the machine core, driving the gear and then driving the watch needle, but the way of the power source is different. The mechanical watch that manual go up a chain is to rely on manual twist hair spring to make power, the thickness of machine core is a little thinner than the watch that go up automatically normally, comparatively speaking the weight of the watch is light. And the watch that automatic go up a chain, it is to use the automatic revolving disk of the machine core to swing left and right to produce power to drive spring, but the thickness of the watch that go up a chain manually is compared to that of automatic go up a few smaller.


A clockwork is a part that provides energy for a watch and is wound around a box. Use the milling slot on the bar shaft to tighten the spring. The square groove of the bar shaft is driven by the upper mechanism. The watch can run for 36 to 50 hours without rewinding. Because the spring is subjected to obvious stress, it often leads to fracture. Therefore, at present, the mechanical watch spring is almost not broken with alloy materials. The spring stores a certain amount of energy to distribute evenly and in small quantities to the oscillator. For this purpose, the energy provided is reduced by the same proportion of the transmission force and the number of cycles is increased by the rotation group through the rotation group. The wheel train consists of four wheels and four gears, the last three wheels are riveted on the first three gears. In this diagram, the oblique line indicates the meshing between the moving parts, while the horizontal line indicates that the moving parts are riveted on the same axis. The first wheel is a box wheel with circular teeth milling. The last wheel is the escapement gear, which is riveted by the escapement gear. The escapement wheel belongs to the distribution mechanism and counter. The box turns around for about 6 hours, during which time the escapement gear and escapement gear rotate about 3,600 times. This number represents the ratio of the rotation frequency between the first wheel and the last wheel. The ratio is always within this range. It is common to try to keep the gears and wheels in the center of the watch and turn them once an hour.


1. When wearing a watch, the sweat on the hand is corrosive to the watch case, and the watch case should be frequently wiped with a soft cloth. When not wearing a watch, you should put on a plastic watch holder.

2. Don't open the back cover, in order to prevent dust into the machine the normal operation of the watch, if there are such operations during the coinsurance, will affect you in the special maintenance station should enjoy the warranty service.

3. Do not put the watch in the wardrobe with camphor balls to avoid the watch oil deterioration.

4. Do not put the watch on mobile phone, audio system, TV and other devices with strong magnetic field, so as not to be affected by magnetization when walking precision.

5. For long-term storage of unworn watches, the watch should be wound regularly once a month; Keep the parts from being in a static state for a long time to ensure the movement and lubrication of the machine core in the table.


The ordinary mechanical watch is damped and can be pressed on the watch with dry cotton. After 5 minutes of baking with an electric light bulb, all the moisture in the watch can be evaporated. For severely damped watches, the period of moisture absorption can be appropriately extended.

7. When you sleep, don't wear a watch, especially a night watch. It has certain radium radiation.

8. Do not adjust the time between 9pm and 4am, which may cause damage to the watch and incorrect calendar jump. In addition, when the watch is adjusted, it needs to be set clockwise instead of counterclockwise, which can easily lead to the deviation of the needle (quartz two-pin should be set counterclockwise). It also affects the accuracy of the watch.

9. Pay attention to the waterproof type of the watch you wear. Do not drink water. Do not wear the watch to the sauna. Even a submersible meter can leak if the containment ring ages.

10. The watch packaging box should be well preserved. The packaging box can give the watch the safest protection when not wearing it normally.