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How To Maintain A Mechanical Watch
Jun 28, 2017

Daily wear mechanical watches, the best is to ask professional personnel to use professional instruments to detect, the performance of its moving and mechanical power consumption, which is to detect the engine is not normal operation, if the existence of the situation is determined to be magnetized, but also need degaussing processing.

Watch manufacturers also remind the official large users, the need for mechanical watches of the waterproof components to measure, because most of the current Manipulator table waterproof components are made of rubber, in the long use process, prone to aging or corrosion of the situation, thus affecting the efficacy of waterproof, so need to check regularly, careful water, damaged the movement, the manipulator table of the movement is a core component, so must be maintained well.

The lubrication level of the movement must always look, if it is a sealed nature is not a good watch, easy to appear by impurities and other dirty things to block the situation, will let the movement is not normal operation, affecting the accuracy and a few heart of the use of time, so need to pay attention to check, and often to the movement to do maintenance, on the point of oil and other things.