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Is waterproofing important for a watch
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Is waterproofing important for a watch?

Waterproof watch cent is ordinary waterproof and professional waterproof. Ordinary waterproof watches can only prevent water splash, and professional waterproof watches can withstand different depth of water immersion. The waterproof of the watch depends on the waterproof of the watch mirror, the back cover, and the waterproof rubber rings at the top of the watch to reach the corresponding standards.

All WATER resistant meters are stamped with the words "WATERRESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF" on the bottom cover. Watch without waterproof mark only can prevent dust, should avoid to touch water. A 30m-meter (3ATM) water meter (3 atmospheres) water meter can be used in daily grooming or rain, i.e., water droplets are only splashed on the surface without any water pressure added to the meter. The 50-meter water meter water meter can be used for swimming and general housework, and the 100-meter water meter can be used for swimming, diving and other underwater work.


The waterproof specifications of ordinary watches are as follows: 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters and 500 meters.

30 meters: refers to the ordinary life waterproof, that is, the splash of water when washing hands, and the drizzle when falling, but attention can not be too long,

Waterproof watch

Waterproof watch

Not to be worn in a sauna.

50 meters: no difference from 30 meters. It can be ignored.

100 meters: you can take him to wash the car and shower, but not soak in water.

300 m: you can swim, but only in shallow water. (don't assume it's 300 meters.)

500 meters: this level can dive into the water, if I remember correctly, which is about 1, 200, may be a little more, but not according to the established values to do like that, may be it is your watch can bear the limit, so don't test form performance in this way.