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How To Determine Whether A Mechanical Meter Is Magnetically
Jun 28, 2017

Love watch by magnetic need not hurry, first with a compass placed next to the table, see if the compass has a faint fluctuations, if there is a magnetic, the opposite is not subject to magnetism.

There are two ways to degaussing:

Degaussing method One, is to send the table professional degaussing. The magnetic field is a common phenomenon today, the solution is not difficult, just to authorize the maintenance department with specialized equipment for demagnetization, only need 30 seconds, the watch can demagnetization, the performance of the watch does not affect.

Degaussing Method II, if far away from the repair table shop can also self demagnetization, the specific method is: Find a hollow in the middle of a circular, unaffected by the magnetization of the iron block, standing on the table, and then the magnetism on the watch can be iron block "suck" to, make the watch return to normal, is with a magnetic iron cans, both ends are through the magnetic love table back and forth in the iron can exercise 5-6 minutes can degaussing.