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False Identification Of Watches
- Jun 28, 2017 -

The appearance of the Watch can be examined from the shell, the table mirror, the dial and the time and minute stitch. The case should not have sand holes and obvious scratches, angular symmetry, the back cover and the upper shell of the rotation should be tight; two watch ring each with the distance of the case, the installation of the hole should be in the case of the foot of the table shell at the end of the position of the center is not partial, the depth of the hole is appropriate to make the table ring is not easy to fall off; the three-pin installation is correct, the needle and needle, the table mirror and the dial should have the correct safety clearance; The dial and the pointer coating finish well without blemish, the dial tick line or luminous point is complete; there are about 0 between the head and the case. 1-0. 3mm Gap.