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Introduction to the heart level of mechanical machine
- Jun 28, 2017 -

At the initial stage-the plate is not polished, the material of the escapement component is not alloy material, it is general steel and copper.

The second level-the machine heart has the polishing processing, the escapement structure material still.

The third level-the machine heart has the polishing treatment, the galvanization strengthens makes it brighter, uses the alloy as the escapement structure material, causes its accuracy not to be affected by the temperature change.

Level fourth – similar to the third level, only adds a fine-tuning device for fast and slow needles.

Level fifth-machine board on machine to make minor changes, sanding, polishing have more stringent requirements, with their own machine heart number, the fine-tuning device, the use of good alloy materials to create precision escapement structure components, and strengthen the grinding, sent to the observatory inspection, and on the machine plate engraved with 5 azimuth adjustment and other words.

Level sixth – There are also level fifth requirements and production standards, especially in the escapement wheel, horse, slow needle and other steel parts for chamfer mirror polishing, the use of spherical cavity stone structure, gear also for chamfering sand processing, screws also require mirror chamfer treatment, such as automatic table, the use of K-gold to do the automatic disk, so that the machine heart has reached the high grade table.

Level seventh – The machine heart, which meets the requirements of the Geneva imprint, develops and designs its own machines within its own factory.

The higher level should be the senior clock Master to create by hand, to participate in the watch competition produced works, with the Geneva Mark production standard.

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