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Automatic table work process
- Jun 28, 2017 -

When the automatic tourbillon and the tourbillon rotate, the belt converts to a round, when the automatic Tourbillon is turned, the wheel is pushed reversing one round, because the clutch plate can move in the opposite direction, so the second wheel can be meshed and take a turn to decelerate, at this time, reversing a round reversal, reversing two rounds.

The gear wheel of the reducer is meshed with a rotating reducer. So that three-wheel reversal, deceleration gear shaft meshing and with large steel wheels, large steel wheel turn, you can put the chain tight, when the reversal, reversing two rounds away from the reversing round, and reversing a round of meshing and take a turn to reduce the round, so that its reversal.

At this time, deceleration round the rotation of the following rotation direction is unchanged, that is, the large steel wheel is always a smooth turn, but only reversing a round and reversing the second wheel and the clutch plate transformation position, turning direction.

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